Best Kids CD Choices for Family Road Trips

November 18, 2009

By Katherine Lee


When traveling by car with kids, some great kids CD options can be lifesavers.

This latest CD/DVD from critically-acclaimed singer/songwriter/artist Morgan Taylor about Gustafer Yellowgold, a winsome little yellow fellow from the sun, and his equally engaging friends are beautiful to see. But the Mellow Fever CD (and two previous releases, Wide Wild World and Have You Never Been Mellow?) can also stand alone by themselves without the accompanying moving images, and are perfect mellow tunes for a long car ride. Choose any or all three kids CD DVD sets; each is packed full of songs that are little gems of poetry.


Clever, Yellow, Mellow

March 21, 2009

By Katherine Lee


Lyrical. Clever. Touching. Not the usual adjectives you might associate with music for children. But then again, songwriter Morgan Taylor is no ordinary musician.

It’s easy to see why critics from Newsweek to The New York Times have gushed about Taylor and the irresistibly charming world he’s created around his main character, a little yellow fellow from the sun called Gustafer Yellowgold. Taylor ingeniously put his ridiculously clever lyrics to moving images, which he animated and co-produced with his wife, fellow musician Rachel Loshak.

In doing so, Taylor has somehow created songs and images that are accessible to kids and adults alike. His music can appeal to toddlers and preschoolers, but like the best of kids’ entertainment, it has no age limit. Your grade-schooler will grin, like mine did, at songs like “Mustard Slugs” (they stand side by side and make multiple-digit numbers of “1’s”). Some of the ageless themes explored in Taylor's DVDs include friendship, generosity, love (of pets, pinecones, friends, family, and life in general), and even mortality. His song about his pet eel, Slim, made me cry and smile at the same time.

Taylor's latest DVD, "Gustafer Yellowgold’s Mellow Fever," has the same loveliness and wit as his two previous releases. Gather your whole family around to see it -- this is true “family entertainment.”