Gustafer Yellowgold comes to Santa Monica

February 3, 2010

By Shazneen Gandhi


Wait. What? You don’t know who Gustafer is? Well, to be honest, neither did I, until a little while ago. And I was quite skeptical when I got the CD and DVD of his latest songs, Mellow Fever. But with the strong endorsement of my two year old, I urge you to grab your kids (and your spouse), and head down to McCabe’s on the morning of the 7th of February for a fantastic musical experience that is sure to enchant not just your kids, but also you!

Gustafer Yellowgold is the creation of award-winning illustrator and songwriter Morgan Taylor who hails out of New York.  Gustafer is an Earth-loving immigrant from the sun, who has settled in cold Minnesota. Cute, with big blue eyes, Gustafer lives with his friends, a purple eel named Slim, and a dragon named Asparagus. When he needs to chat, his dear friend and neighbor, Forrest Applecrumbie, a flightless but fashion obsessed pterodactyl, is always near by.

Gustafer’s story is told through minimally animated illustrations and in the most light, whimsical and lovely songs, that recall at times, the sounds of the Beatles, Bob Dylan and Pink Floyd.

The Mellow Fever CD/ DVD set which introduced our family to Gustafer is a charming set of eleven songs that are mellow, but also catchy. The tunes are quite different from the usual kids’ fare. Yet, the kids and adults in our home find themselves humming the music even when the CD/DVD is not on and no kids need entertaining. There is a peaceful quality to the composition, while the lyrics are infused with an off-beat humor.  It isn’t any wonder that the music has won accolades for Taylor.

The show labeled as a “musical moving storybook” concert experience entails Taylor and his band singing the songs, while videos of the impish Gustafer play on a large screen in the background, with karaoke style lyrics available for early readers who want to sing along. Taylor, himself a father of a young child, is adept at interacting with his audience and providing wry narration.

The show is aimed at an audience of two to eight years old, and my two year old certainly seeks out the Gustafer’s Mellow Fever as much as she does Dora the Explorer, even though the two are as different as night and day. Of course, even if you are beyond eight in Earth years, you are likely to love it, especially if you are like the adults who live in and come through my house.



Gustafer Yellowgold entertains young and old alike…

JANUARY 17, 2010

By Katie Derrick


The Bluebird Cafe was filled with ages ranging from 8 months through 68 years - and everyone seemed to have a fun time. Kids' heads were bobbing and adults' feet were tapping to the infectious tunes about the little alien from the sun named Gustafer Yellowgold. The show started with cookies and Capri Sun (or coffee/tea for the older crowd) and ended with a happy little tune about Gustafer finding a fallen star and it taking him for a ride in the sky. Along the way the audience was introduced to Gustafer's pet eel Slim, his friend the Pterodactyl (Forrest Applecrumble, who unfortunately loses his 'Panther Stamps Pants'), and his favorite vacation place on the Sun, Butter Pond Lake. This 'musical moving storybook', part animated movie, part live concert, is a crowd pleaser for sure.

While the live show is fantastic, if you weren't able to make it this time, or were and the kiddos (blame it on them!) can't wait until the next time it comes to town, check out the DVD/CD sets.  There are three now, the latest, 'Mellow Fever', having been released last March (2009).  They include the slideshow and music from the live performance as well as a few extra songs. They can be purchased from Barnes & Noble, Amazon or the Gustafer Yellowgold website for around $18 (Barnes & Noble is a little higher).