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October, 2010


Morgan Taylor’s trippy little alter ego Gustafer Yellowgold returns to Schubas today for an all-ages show that combines kiddie pop and fun-as-can-be animation. If you haven’t caught a show before, don’t miss this one.


Things to Do Fall Preview - Gustafer Yellowgold, Families' favorite animated yellow alien rocks out at Symphony Space

September, 2010

By Jeff Bogle

 Gustafer Yellowgold

For families already "keeping it yellow," Gustafer Yellowgold's November show at Symphony Space is an opportunity to hear new songs well in advance of Gustafer Yellowgold's Infinity Sock, the DVD/CD due out in February 2011. For the uninitiated, the multimedia concert, in which videos accompany the live tunes, is a perfect chance to experience the adventures of the animated character from the sun.

According to Yellowgold creator and songwriter Morgan Taylor, Infinity Sock (or, as Taylor has dubbed it for kindie hipsters, iSock) is all about friendship. "Cheddar" riffs on Yellowgold's best bud, a flightless pterodactyl; "Slim Gets In 'Em" is an ode to Gustafer's pet eel; and "Beehive" buzzes about his emotional insect friends, the band of bees.

The preview concert will showcase a trio of these brand-new songs from iSock—though Taylor has yet to determine which he'll present—performed by the full band and the mini (but mighty) Yellowgold string section. And that's good news, whether your family is just getting to know Gustafer or you're longtime fans of the mellow yellow creature.


Top 10 children’s CDs of 2009

December, 2009

By Jeff Bogle


On the third CD/DVD installment of the sun alien’s saga, Brooklyn-based Morgan Taylor and company—with assists from Lisa Loeb and a couple of the Wilco boys—once again dazzle tots with rich arrangements and curious, enchanting tales.


Catching Up With…

April 1, 2009


Whether your kids are already familiar with Gustafer Yellowgold or they’re new to the sensitive sun alien, odds are they’ll find the latest release from illustrator-songwriter-performer Morgan Taylor easy listening—in a good way.

Like his two previous albums, the CD/DVD Mellow Fever pairs melodic tunes with offbeat humor, and illustrates them with simple animations of Taylor’s minimalist drawings. New on this set are clever cartoon vignettes that introduce the songs. The lyrics also delve deeper into Gustafer’s past: his journey to Earth on “Sunpod,” his childhood summers on “Butter Pond Lake.” And there’s no shortage of pop-culture references for parents, like the king-of-the-world Titanic dream of Gustafer’s number one fan, Wincey the ferret.

Guest appearances on Mellow Fever include the guys from Wilco helping out on Wincey’s “Sugar Boat,” Lisa Loeb singing about Sisson the worm’s poor sense of direction on the sweet “Quite Easily Lost” and Taylor’s ten-month-old son Harvey giving a well-timed, though accidental, yelp on “Panther Stamp Pants.” The little guy behind that last cameo has had a particular effect on Taylor’s work. “Being a dad has made me even more determined to make a living,” the musician says. If the quality of this third outing is any indication, he’s well up to the task.


The Best Music For Children From The 1980s, 1990s And 2000s

March 2009


Gustafer Yellowgold’s Wide Wild World

(Apple-Eye Productions, 2007)

Morgan Taylor’s irresistible rock-pop CD/DVD has drawn plenty of raves, but it’s Gustafer, the singer-illustrator’s animated yellow alter ego, who’s the real star (he’s actually from a star, as he sings on “I’m from the Sun”). We’ve found little in kids’ music that’s as big a blast.